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Thank you, to all the men and women of the world who have put everyone else first and sacrificed everything to helping others to help fight this virus. We are thankful for those members and our hearts go out them and their family's.

Jason Travis

Web Developer

hello, I'm Jason,

I am a very passionate web developer, and take a lot of pride in the work that I do and the people I get the honor of working with. It has never just been about building awesome and intuitive websites... I want to be able to build something for other people that allows them to show the passion that they have to everyone they can. Building a relationship and connections with the people that have taken that leap to do what they love and share it with the rest of the world.

Responsive Design

Your website can be seen many types of device screens and because of that, it has to be responsive. This means that the design is very important to be carefully created so that no matter what devices it is seen on it looks the way it should.

Jay Travis Design | Jason Travis | Build-Top Tech-Bootstrap Framework/HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Jay Travis Design | Jason Travis | Responsive design of websites

All Devices

Making it possible to fit the screens on all the most important devices.

Jay Travis Design | Jason Travis | Responsive design of

Brining the idea to life

It is important to use the best resources available to bring your ideas to life. Using clean code, strong content, and the right CMS platforms.

Our Services

After working with many different programming languages and content management systems we have a broad knowledge of the industry services that will be best to provide you with an intuitive website with clean and responsive designs.


Design is such a personal concept and makes every development crucial to building the best site that will represent your website right for its viewers..

What I design:

UI, UX, Websites

Design Platforms:

Affinity Photo
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


I love coding because it allows me to take an idea and bring it to life and I love helping other people with their great ideas and bringing it to the browser.

languages I code with:

HTML5, CSS3, JS, Sass, PHP

Dev Tools:

Visual Studio Code


CMS's are important to understand as they grow and it are great services to use as more and more businesses use their services and plugins. This is were Design and Front-end Development are just as important.

CMS Platforms:

Square Space
Web Flow